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Published: 11th August 2010
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If you go to the Grapevine Ottawa website you will understand that listing homes for sale is now possible without costing a lot in fees. Earlier, when you listed on homes for sale you had to pay a hefty commission to real estate agents. Now you have the freedom to list your property on MLS and sell directly to the interested buyers without paying commissions to real estate agents.

Grapevine Ottawa is a website which started this year with a mission to inform property owners about new MLS rules. This information portal educates property owners about the fact that now they can sell their homes by the new MLS listing standards without paying hefty commission fees.

What Is MLS

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Services. It is on MLS that the majority of homes for sale are listed. MLS has an extensive database of all types of properties and, those who are looking to buying or selling property go through these listings.

Why List Your Property On MLS

It makes sense to go through these listings now because of the new rules. In fact, now most people will find it easier on their pocket to list on MLS. Here are the following reasons to list on MLS.

* Most real estate agents search for property to sell to their clients through MLS.
* You need not pay any listing commission in the sale of your home, if a realtor gets involved. You can choose the rate to pay the buyer agent commission. This is paid only if the property is sold through the agent.
* You can select the option of FSBO or for sale by owner when you list on MLS.
* There is a contract which is signed when you sell your property directly to a buyer, known as "sellers rights reserved" which means you don't pay commissions.

Advantages Of Selling By Listing On MLS

The advantages of selling homes by listing on MLS are many. You don't have to depend on "for sale by owner" websites such as Grapevine Ottawa, to sell your property. You have the choice of multiple listings at cost-effective fees which are very affordable.

Research analyzed by Google has shown that there are up to 4 million visitors searching MLS each month for property listings. It is through MLS listings that 90 percent of homes are bought and sold.

The present conditions of the property market has brought a drastic change in the way of sale and buying property. The new rules will bring about a definite change in property sales. Home owners don't have to choose between selling homes "privately" and paying hefty fees. Now they have a better choice which benefits them and saves them a lot of money.

Home owners now don't have to list their homes on Grapevine Ottawa to escape paying huge commissions. They get better exposure as their property will be seen by numerous people on MLS. It is the best way to sell your property and get a price that you want. The new rules are profitable for home owners. is a website devoted to informing homeowners about the new rules for listing homes for sale on MLS which does not require paying hefty commissions. Learn more about listing your property on the MLS without paying a commission, visit us at: .

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